Being a HomePro

Our service professionals are required to meet a very strict standard of quality. Each of our members are required to provide references, pass multiple background screenings, and maintain a minimum 3.5 star overall performance rating. In return, we offer high quality verified leads at a fair price using an efficient business process.

As a HomePro, you never pay for a lead that you do not want. We use an opt-in methodology for lead distribution. Instead of pushing leads to every HomePro that provides service in the job area, we offer leads to our HomePros on their dashboard and allow them to select which leads are accepted and rejected. HomePros are never charged for a lead that they do not accept.

•Every lead is qualified by the HPC staff. HomePros will never receive a bogus lead.

•Opt-in lead management - HomePros only pay for those leads that they accept. HomePros will never be charged for a lead that they do not want. The amount of the lead fee is clearly stated in lead offer.

•If a HomePro does not respond to a lead offer, HPC will automatically withdraw the lead offer and give it to another qualified HomePro. The lead management program runs twice a day (1:00 PM and 7:00 PM Central Time) and will withdraw lead offers that are more than 4 hours old.

•Customers (homeowners) that do not select one of our predefined services can input their own custom 'service' definition. After review by the HPC staff, the new service may be added to the list of pre-defined services. In that case, an email and/or text message will be sent to every qualified HomePro containing information announcing the new service offering. HomePros receiving the notification will be able to click on a link supplied in the communication which will result in that service being added to their profile. Keep in mind that the service is being added to our list of predefined services because we already have a qualified lead in the database ready to assign to a qualified HomePro.

•No favoritism in lead distribution. HomePro lead offerings are selected based on the HomePro's last lead offering date. 100% rotation of HomePros - you cannot buy your way to the top of the list.

•We do not allow 3rd party advertising on our site.

•You will never be contacted by a HomePro Connections salesperson. We don't have any and we're not planning on hiring some. Good things do not have to be 'sold'.

•We do not buy reviews. Each review that you see is written by a customer that has a personal experience with you. Only registered qualified customers (homeowners) are capable of submitting a review of a HomePro.

• In the case of a sub-par review, HomePros may dispute the customer's assessment. In that case, HPC review remediation will get involved. Unfair reviews may be removed from the HomePro's overall rating calculation by HPC staff. However, the review will remain in the database (with HPC staff comments) and can be viewed.

•HomePros are required to provide verifiable referral(s) when signing up. This is how we set the initial HomePro overall rating.

•HomePros must maintain a minimum 3.5 out of 5 star overall rating in order to receive lead offers. It's written into the software and it cannot be overridden.

•A one-time non-refundable $50 registration fee will be charged at registration. This fee is to help defray the cost of a 3rd party background checks.

•Referral Credit - refer another qualified contractor and we will give you a 10% discount on your next lead.

•A standard HomePro membership has no recurring charges or fees. After signing up, HomePros will only pay for leads that they accept.

•Premium membership is available to qualified HomePros. Premium members will have their profile and contact information supplied to customers looking for services without charging additional lead fees. HomePros supply their own advertising text that will be displayed to homeowners while searching for a HomePro. $49/month - no 'click' fees.

•Lead fees are computed as 1% of the estimated job total. In the case of recurring services, such as lawn or maid services, the fee is 1% of the estimated annual revenue. Exclusive lead fees are computed at 2%.

•If you are a scam artist, violent criminal, or pedophile - this site is not for you. We do not want you coming to our house and we're certainly not going to be sending you to someone else's.