Our Homeowners

Identifying and connecting with contractors who specialize in your particular project can be a daunting and sometimes risky challenge. We make an extra effort to understand our your needs beyond the scope of simply selecting a button or entering a zipcode on a website.

Our service to our homeowners is always free. You will never pay to use any of the services offered by Homepro Connections or its staff.

When you sign up with us, you will be given your own personal service representative to assist you in all facets of your project. Upon account activation, you will receive a text message and/or email containing your own personal representative's email and phone number. You may contact them directly at your own will. They will be happy to assist you in making your home project a huge success.

The Homepros on our site are subjected to a stringent vetting process. Homepros can be disqualified from our site by failing any the following checks.

  • Each Homepro is required to supply verifiable references that are personally interviewed by the Homepro Connections staff.

  • Cyber-vetting using social media information

  • Better Business Bureau rating

  • Third party background criminal records check

  • Third party background civil records check (bankruptcies, liens, and foreclosures)

  • Sex offender background check

Our homeowners are our lifeline - they deserve to know that we are committed to meeting their home improvement needs and we will strive to exceed their expectations.